Tamilnadu Village Outreach and R.A.

Tamilnadu Village Outreach and R.A. (TVO) is a Registered Charitable Trust located in Kancheepuram District, Tamilnadu, India.

TVO sponsors, funds, implements, directs and maintains various community development projects and schemes in rural villages populated primarily by poor, socially disadvantaged families.

Our schemes focus mainly on the problems and needs of women, children and youth.

TVO's area of operations is in Tirupporuur Block, south of the ancient temple town of the same name, and approximately 50 Kilometers south of Chennai, capital of Tamilnadu State, and the fourth largest city in India.

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Tiruporuur Block, a rural rice growing region, is unusual in that a significant majority of its inhabitants are Dalits Scheduled Castes, commonly known in the Western world as untouchables: members of India's lowest Caste grouping, socially oppressed, profoundly stigmatized from birth, usually landless and economically impoverished. While still largely landless, their majority status in this locality has given them significant political power and they are socially unimpeded in their goal towards social and economic betterment and the enjoyment of full civil rights.

TVO was officially formed in February 2005 by S.V. Saravanan and C. John Degler to provide an opportunity for the poor rural landless and oppressed peoples of this region to advance their lives and opportunities in the only way possible: through Education.

In furtherance of that goal TVO has, as of January 2013, set up 24 free evening study centers in 22 different villages for children between the ages of 4 and 18, and staffed them with over 30 paid part-time teachers and volunteers.

These centers, locally called Tuition Schools, are a commonplace in middle-class India but usually are run for a profit and charge fees making them unaffordable for many of the people we serve. TVO's Tuition Schools operate 6 days a week for 1 1/2 to 2 hours in the early evening during the 11 month Indian school year and draw on the average over 600 students every evening.

They are located within the villages that we serve, in a variety of locations, from public school rooms, private homes (after remodeling), Village Temples, and pre-existing community centers, but especially in the ten free-standing Community Buildings (two buildings are additionally under construction at present, one nearlyu complete) specifically constructed to date by TVO to shelter the Tuition Schools and other projects undertaken by TVO. These ten Community Buildings, ranging in size from 300 to 1000 sq. ft., are well-constructed permanent buildings of brick, reinforced concrete foundations and pillars on public land and are treated as a donation to the recipient Village but maintained and used by TVO.

Funds for their construction have come from a variety of sources but primarily from the A-S-B in Kiel Germany, a small Dutch Consortium, and South Asian Village Empowerment Intl(SAVE-Intl), a US Tax Exempt Non-Profit Corporation set up by C. John Degler in California.

In addition to the Tuition Schools, TVO has created and supports five free Women's Vocational Centers staffed by five paid full-time and part-time teachers and supplied with about 40 sewing machines. Here we provide training in handicrafts, sewing, embroidery, tailoring and garment construction with materials as diverse as silks and leathers. Two Women's Vocational Centers are working hard to develop their own small coop-businesses in silk garment manufacture and leather bag production.

In Amuur Village we manage and fund a two room Medical Clinic and Dispensary which was completed in the year of 2007 by the A-S-B and is presently staffed by a registered graduate nurse 4 hours a day, 6 days a week. Treatment, examination and medicines and medical supplies are entirely free to needy patients. Emphasis is placed on first aid, wound dressing, routine infectious diseases, and chronic problems like arthritis and also the identification and treatment of high blood pressure and diabetes. A special focus is providing health, family planning and nutritional counseling to women who will be or are pregnant and monitoring of the devlopment of their babies.

Other programs and projects TVO has or is undertaking include the construction of toilets in Government schools that have none and lack the funding to construct them, operation and management of 9 small village children's libraries and under current development a regional mobile library with funding help from PaperTigers and Waterbridge, the installation and repair of community water resources through the drilling of borewells and water purification systems, and support of children's sports programs and young men's Volleyball clubs.

We are actively seeking medium and long-term volunteers with skills in the areas of teaching English as a foreign language, sewing and handicrafts, art and sports programs, medical science, computer science, hydrology and water systems and grant writing. We do not charge a fee to participants but they are expected to be self-supporting and able to fund any new projects or programs. Excellent room and board facilities are available in Mamallapuram for under $150 a month.

Funding for TVO's monthly outlay for Tuition and Vocational School Salaries, Utilities, Maintenance, school supplies, etc. comes from donations received by TVO from a variety of sources but its primary supporter is SAVE-Intl in the United States. Monthly recurring expenses average over $1500. Additional sources of funding will need to be established if we are to reach more poor rural villages

Donations to TVO in the form of Bank Check deposits or wire transfers can be accepted from Resident Indian Citizens and Permanent Residents and Businesses and will be Tax-Exempt and Tax deductible under the Provisions of Tax code 80G. Please make your donation in favor of:

Tamilnadu Village Outreach and Research Association
Account Number 30351353339
State Bank Of India(SBI)
P.B. 1, 35 Kavarai St.
Tirukkulakundram, Tamilnadu 603109 India

Donations in the form of Foreign-Origin Wire Transfers or Bank Checks CANNOT legally be deposited to our Indian Bank Account. Therefore, foreign supports of TVO, visitors, and tourists to India please make your donations in cash(you will receive a voucher) or as a deposit to out USA based sponsor, South Asian Village Empowerment International(SAVE-INTL) which is a Tax-Exempt 501(c)(3) Non-profit Corporation based in Livermore, California. More information about SAVE-INTL can be found at http://www.save-intl.org.

TVO can be contacted by:

Email: S.V. Sonny Saravanan at info@tamilnaduvillageoutreach.org or C. John Degler at curt.degler@gmail.com

Phone: (91)94-44466571 or (91)94-44215415 or (91)94-44215415

World Wide Web: Http://www.tamilnaduvillageoutreach.org

All correspondence should be directed to:

Tamilnadu Village Outreach and R.A.
S.V. Saravanan
No.110 Salavankuppam
Pattipulam Post, Via Mamallapuram
Kanchupuram District
Tamilnadu 603104, India

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